About Ana Paula Aguiar wedding photographer


With a four year tragectory in her carrier, the “carioca” Ana Paula Aguiar, who is a Publicist but fell in love with photography, is a member of the world’s most important wedding photography associations and is emerging nationaly and internationaly with 21 awards acomplished in so little time.

Ana love’s Belo Horizonte, where she chose to live, but is also open to the world, and shows her passion for people through her lenses. To her, each click is as unique as the lives of the people she photographs.

It all started with the support of two other photographers and the trust of friends who let themselves be photographed by her in special moments. Today, children, parents, couples and families bring new breath to her work, as she treats each and everyone of them with exclusivity. As well as photographing with sensibility, she also brings to her work an extra baggage of love and tenderness.

It is with much care and attention that Ana dedicates herself to shooting dreams and, most importantly, eternizing the moments of a wedding day or of a family’s life. In Belo Horizonte or in serveral other cities or states, she registers emotion, but never forgets about all the fun, joy and excitement that envolves the situation.

Her photography has the goal of showing reality as sensibly as possivel, with fidelity and without manipulation. What matters to her is the most real and pure side of the moment, alowing her to not care too much about the photos post production. Another remarcable aspect of her work is that she cares a lot about editing the photos: she finds nothing more rewarding than seeing a story being told by a well selected sequence of images.

“I want to focus less on posing, beautiful venues or decorations. My porpose is to freeze time in that moment, to record who you really are and capture that as real as possible. So that you can look at your pictures in the future and see axactly who you where and how you should be remembered forever”.


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